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Terms and Conditions

WuDo Solutions Limited

Training courses and webinars are provided by WuDo Solutions Limited, registered in England (company number 10680025). Our registered address is 15 Warland Road, London, SE18 2EX.


Your Acceptance of Our Terms and Conditions

You will be deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions when you book training with us.



Payment for courses will be taken at the point of sale/booking, or will be invoiced at the time a training booking has been made. Payment can be made by phone, card, paypal, checque or BACS/bank transfer. Payment terms are 30 days from the date of the invoice. Payment is deemed to have been made when you have initiated payment electronically, given us payment details via the telephone, or a cheque has been received. Late payments will be handled as follows:


An invoice that has not been fully settled will be considered late from midnight on the 31st calendar day after it was issued, and on that day late payment fees will be applied and interest applied to the outstanding amount. We will also seek compensation for any losses or costs we incur whilst waiting for payment, or seeking payment.


Late payment legislation requires us to charge late payment fees and interest of fixed amounts/percentages.


                Late payment compensation:


Invoice Amount (£)


Less than 1,000


1,001 to 9,999


10,000 or more


Fee (£)






Annual interest rate: 8% above the Bank of England’s base rate (at the time of writing 0.25%) = 8.25%


Interest is calculated daily and applied to the whole amount of the invoice (i.e. including VAT)


Late payment costs, interest and compensation will be claimed at the time the original invoice is fully settled.


If an invoice is not settled within 60 calendar days after it has been issued we reserve the right to initiate legal action or engage the services of a debt collection agency. The costs of debt collection or legal action will be added to the amount outstanding.


We reserve the right to refuse access to our courses for any individual or staff from any organisation if payment for previous courses is outstanding, or for any other breach of these terms and conditions.



Trainees may cancel courses in line with our cancellation policy.


Data Protection

Trainees’ data will be handled in line with our data protection policy.


Access to Courses

We will make every effort to accommodate trainees’ needs for adjustments to help them take full part in any course. This may include disabled access, sign language interpreters, etc. However, trainees must let us know of any needs that we should be aware of to do so and WuDo Solutions will not be liable for not accommodating any needs it could not reasonably have been aware of. 


Access to Materials

Access to course and wider materials will be via the WuDo Moodle. Course attendees will have access to Moodle for six months after their course has finished.


Use of Moodle and Course Materials

Trainees must not:

  • allow any other person to access their Moodle account;
  • use the details of any other course attendee or participant for any purpose other than interaction for the purposes of their learning;
  • use their Moodle account to harass, cause offence, or be in any way vexatious to any other person;
  • use their Moodle account to store materials that are illegal or offensive;
  • use their Moodle account to promote views that are offensive, or illegal;

In addition trainees must not:

  • share course materials with any other person who is not a fellow trainee or employee of WuDo solutions;
  • reuse course materials for their own purposes without the express permission of WuDo Solutions;
  • use templates or other materials in a manner that does not acknowledge WuDo Solutions as the author or intellectual property owner of those templates or materials.

General Conduct

WuDo Solutions is committed to equality and diversity and respecting the contribution or all course attendees. Trainees must not act in a way that compromises these principles.


General Conditions

WuDo Solutions Limited asserts and reserves its rights as the author or intellectual property owner of all course materials and templates.

WuDo Solutions reserves the right to amend, withdraw or otherwise vary any course or part of a course at its own discretion.


Breaching the Terms and Conditions

If any person is found to be in breach of these terms and condition WuDo Solutions may remove that person’s access to a course, and/or withdraw that person’s Moodle account without notice, and may also consider them ineligible to attend future courses. 

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