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No-one likes getting complaints, but the facts is they happen. A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction whether justified or not, so whatever you do they are almost inevitable. 


However, they are also a golden opportunity to learn, grow, and if handled properly end up with a better reputation with the complainant than you otherwise could have hoped for. 


You've probably worked that out for yourself, and the last thing you need is academic training in theory, confirming what you already know. What you need is to gain practical, applicable skills tools and resources that enable the How alongside understanding the Why. You want to learn from those who have worked alongside people like you and supported them with exactly the sort challenges you face.


With WuDo Solutions that’s exactly what you get.


We guarantee that learning with us not only brings managing conflicts of interests to life, but inspires you to identify faster, better more efficient ways of delivering effective and resilient counter fraud and bribery  systems.


Your training is designed using three unique elements:


  • We’ve been there – our trainers have years of front line experience helping organisations like yours overcome real challenges to identifying and managing.
  • We’ve listened – our training is based on research with over 1,000 people exploring what and how they like to learn.
  • We’re here to help – training is all well and good, but to implement it in the real world we provide six months post course support absolutely free.
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The importance of responding to complaints and learning from them is well understood, but organisations struggle to respond properly to people expressing dissatisfaction.


This course is suitable for anyone involved in dealing with complaints,and will enable you to respond in a way that preserves good relationships, identify learning opportunities and ensure that concerns are addressed to the satisfaction of all concerned. 


You will learn:


- how the handling of complaints is central to good governance;
- how to recognise and speedily acknowledge complaints;
- the key elements of a complaint handling framework;
- how to objectively and fairly look into the concerns raised;

- deciding on and communicating next steps.


Learning will take place through presentation, Q&A sessions, group work, and exploring case studies. Like all our courses you will have access to course and assessment materials on the WuDo Moodle, as well as opportunities to ask follow up questions and access to useful materials.

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