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Risk Management

  • Full Day Open Course: £375.00 (£312.50+VAT)
  • Trainer Led Webinar: £225.00 (£187.50+VAT)


  • Also available to be delivered in-house


Effective risk management allows organisations to proactively identify threats to the delivery of organisation objectives. The identification, evaluation and mitigation of a risk - and the assurance of effective risk management - is an essential weapon in any organisation's arsenal.


By taking this course you will benefit from the years of experience and expertise developed by our trainers implementing risk management systems in a range of settings, as well as delivering training to people at all levels.


Designed to give you everything you need to know to develop and improve robust risk management systems, this course has been developed not only to give you good knowledge of risk managmement principles and techniques, but also to provide practical, applicable tools and resources you can apply directly to your work. 

The key benefits of our training are:

  • Training delivered by experts with years of front line experience
  • Course materials are based on real life examples, and training includes case study analysis, Q&A sessions and exercises
  • Learning is tailored to your needs with our pre-course surveys
  • You get a free account with our online learning platform, the WuDo Moodle
  • Free post course support to implement your learning for six months
  • Alongside your training get materials and resources to complement what you have learned
  • You will gain practical and effective tools you can apply in your work, alongside a good grounding in the subject matter
  • Learn at your own pace, and in a way that suits you.
  • CPD points can be awarded following an optional post course assessment
  • Network with peers and fellow learners during your course, or online. 

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Other ways to book: call 0330 221 0562 or email hello@wudo.solutions

This course will give you a thorough grounding in risk management, enabling you to identify, describe and evaluate risks as well as develop systems to manage and reduce risks you encounter. 


As well as giving you good knowledge of risk management fundamentals you will also gain an understanding of the role of risk management in the planning, implementation and assurance of organisational activities. 


Through a combination of presentations, exercises, group work and Q&A sessions this course will give you practical, applicable tools and information that you can use to embed effective risk management techniques in your organisation.


The focus of the course is very much on giving you resources and support, rather than a purely legal or academic understanding of risk management, but also aims to bring good risk management to life and impress on all attendees the value of risk management to any organisation that wishes to achieve future success. 


Alongside gaining insight into the importance of risk management and its role as an enabler of organisational success, you will also gain from an intensive grounding in the principles and spirit of risk management processes. Alongside this you will develop the practical knowledge, tips and resources you can apply immediately in your work.


We will work with you to ensure we understand your learning needs and objectives and ensure the course is tailored to cover these in the required depth. As part of this you will gain access to pre-course reading and materials to help you prepare for your course and give you the opportunity to plan your learning around your busy schedule.  


As part of your training you will also be able to connect with a community of peers – professionals like you, and benefit post-course from ongoing support from our expert trainers to help you ensure your organisations is getting risk management right. 


This course covers

  • Introduction: what is a risk? What is risk management?
  • The benefits of risk management
  • Key concepts you need to know
  • How to describe a risk
  • Techniques for evaluating a risk
  • Approaches to mitigating risk
  • Gaining assurance of risk management
  • Key roles and responsibilities in risk management
  • Compiling a risk register
  • Risk maturity and continuous improvement

Before the course:

  • Pre course survey exploring your learning needs, current level of knowledge and what you want to gain from the course
  • Access to our online leaning environment, the WuDo Moodle, with optional reading, resources, exercises and tests; and a forum to network with other attendees

During the course:


The course will be delivered by subject matter experts using a combination of

  • Presentation
  • Case studies;
  • Group work (open course only); 
  • Q&A sessions (open course only).
  • As part of your course you will also be encouraged to think of an improvement project you can implement in your work

After the course:


Continue to access the WuDo Moodle, and use the course materials and other useful resources related to your course for a further six months.


You are also encouraged to contact your trainer(s) to get their advice and support in applying your learning, and implementing your improvement project.


At WuDo Solutions all our courses are designed based on our expertise, experience of supporting people and organisations with information governance requirements, and in depth research into how and what people want to learn.


We combine this with personalised training and dedicated support to maximise the benefits of our training to you. 


Our trainers are all subject matter experts honed by years of experience in the field, bringing practical experience to underpin their course delivery. 


And of course there is our commitment to passing on practical tips and tools you can apply in your work, with ongoing support as part of our training package to make that a success. 

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