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WuDo Solutions emerged for a simple reason. Wuestefeld and Doyle Limited supports charity organisations and the public sector in the development and improvement of their governance systems. Everywhere we worked, we noticed the emergence of a similar theme: a lack of good knowledge or foundation in key governance activities that kept organisations from performing at their highest level.

To effectively deliver improvements, it became clear that we needed to be able to develop and deliver training to front line, managerial and board level staff. Following this revelation, Wuestefeld and Doyle began researching what people in the sectors they served needed and wanted from their training. This insight was used that to develop WuDo Solutions, the training arm of Wuestefeld and Doyle.

WuDo Solutions - Serving Better Governance Through Training

WuDo Solutions offers their first class training to individuals working at all levels in organisations operating in the public and charity sectors. Participants in their classroom and in-house courses gain tools, techniques and resources that can immediately be put into practice to help their organisations develop effective governance systems and deliver better services. All WuDo courses are delivered by trainers with years of hands-on experience and expertise that they have gained from both professional qualifications and through designing governance systems directly for the sectors they serve. All WuDo Solutions courses include:

  • Training delivered by experts
  • Training developed in consultation with the client
  • Training based on real life scenarios and real world experience
  • Training that gives practical knowledge and skills to apply in your day to day work
  • The chance to learn with peers and colleagues, sharing experiences
  • Free ongoing pre and post course support through WuDo Solutions' online learning platform
  • Access to templates and materials you can adapt and use
  • CPD points for each training course
  • Flexible timings and locations to learn when, where and how it suits you

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